WATCH: Attorneys representing suspects in Ahmaud Arbery murder case speak, 911 call released

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BRUNSWICK, Ga. (WIAT, CNN & CBS) — There are new developments in the death of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old black man who was fatally shot by two white men while he was jogging in Brunswick, Georgia back in February.

As the investigation into the case continues, it has been revealed one of the suspects charged with Arbrey’s murder apparently had a “separate” confrontation with an unidentified black man who entered the same neighbor’s house that was under construction. New video and audio from a 911 call show an altercation from the same neighborhood less than two weeks before Arbery’s death.

(DISPATCHER) – “911, what’s the address of your emergency?”

(MCMICHAEL) – “We’ve had a string of burglaries. I was leaving the neighborhood and I just caught a guying running into a house being built.”

The video obtained by CNN was captured by one of eight security cameras set up around the house in a community outside Brunswick. It is the same home where Arbery was seen looking around on the day he died.

Unlike that day, this new video is at night between 7 and 8 p.m., according to the homeowner’s attorney, and depicts an unidentified individual walking in from the left side of the camera’s view.
The person seemed to slowly circle the room and then go out of the camera’s view but the microphone continues to hear the sound of footsteps.

According to the homeowner’s attorney, nothing was taken or disturbed in the home which is so open headlights can be seen from traffic on the street.

The same night the video was taken, Larry English, the homeowner who lives an hour and a half away, received a text message from a neighbor two doors down from his house under construction describing a confrontation involving someone named Travis and a young man on or near the property.

The attorney shared a transcript of the message English received describing the altercation with the unidentified person.

“The police showed up and we all searched for good while. I think he got spooked and ran after Travis confronted him. Travis says the guy ran into the house,” the neighbor reported.

It was Travis McMichael’s call that night that summoned police to the scene. McMichael told authorities he spotted the individual going into the home. McMichael was gasping for breath so much it worries the operator.

(OPERATOR) – “Are you okay?”

(MCMICHAEL) – “Yeah, yeah it just startled me. When I turned around and saw him and backed up he reached into his pocket and ran into the house so I don’t know if he is armed or not but he looked like he was acting like he was.”

Police arrived on the scene a short time later, but found no one. Nothing more was said about the incident and the homeowner said he has no idea who was in this house that night.

But the encounter is not forgotten. Two weeks later, as Arbery lay dead on the ground, McMichael told authorities he thought Arbery was that suspect from 12 days before.

On Thursday and Friday, attorneys representing both Travis and McMichael spoke regarding the case as both of the accused suspects remained in the Glynn County Jail on murder and aggravated assault charges in the Arbery case.

Attorneys say they are working to get their clients out of jail soon and hope that evidence presented in a fair trial would show the truth.


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