Two Birmingham police officers go viral with store photoshoot

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Two Birmingham police officers are being recognized for engaging with the community in a unique way.

Corey Bishop, owner of Refresh Clothing, was having a photoshoot for his store in Five Points West when two officers saw them and decided to jump in the picture. Officers Vincent Larry and Justin Judge patrol the west part of the city.

Both officers were shocked to find out they were being interviewed by CBS 42 News.

“At first I thought I was in trouble like hold up, but we all came together and then I was excited,” Larry and Judge laughed.

Bishop said he was blown away by what these officers did recently and wanted to show them how much he appreciates it.

“We were in the back having a photo shoot and then all of a sudden, we get what are y’all doing back there? We look up and it’s the police and then they said I’m just messing with y’all. Lets take a picture,” he said.

That picture of the Bishop and the officers went viral on social media.

Larry and Judge said it just seemed like a good idea.

“To show that all police ain’t bad. We’re people. We’re human just like y’all and we just want the public to always look up to us and in a positive way instead of just negative side,” Judge said.

“Putting people first. That’s my job is putting a smile on their faces,” Larry said.

Bishop said he’s seen these officers before, but to see them interact with the kids who helped in the photoshoot made an impact.

“Most times we see police officers do something negative when they coming to do something to you, but this time, they were coming to celebrate with you. Totally different thing,” he said.

Now, these officers and this business owner have a bond and are hoping continue to spread positivity around the area.


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