Oxford, Ala., (WIAT) — The amusement ride was once one of the main attractions at The Miracle Strip in the amusement park from Panama City, Florida. Now, its in Oxford, Alabama. “These little cars kept running even when The Miracle Strip was closed,” says Jeremy Cruse, owner of the Terrortorium in Oxford. 

Cruse remembers the ride, he would vacation there as a child. “I have such fun memories in going to the miracle strip. I can close my eyes and still remember what it sounded like and what it smelled like,” says Cruse. 

The park closed in 2004, but Cruse purchased the ride in 2009. The ride attracted thousands in Panama City. The same city that was recently hit by Hurricane Michael. Florida areas are ravaged from the hurricane and is being compared to the worst damage since Hurricane Katrina. Cruse says the ride has made it through Hurricane Eloise in 1975 and Hurricane Opal in 1995. “This is apart of Panama city,” says Cruse. 

The last day to for the attraction is October 31, 2018. The Terrortorium closes at midnight. The link to their website is www.theterrortorium.com.