Mother suspected of killing 2 daughters; leaves two suicide notes

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An Ontario Police officer interviews a neighbor sitting in his garage next door to a home where two children, an infant and a teenager, were found dead with their mother, who was unresponsive, Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2019, in Ontario, Calif. (Terry Pierson/The Orange County Register via AP)

ONTARIO, CA (CBS & WIAT) – A homicide investigation is underway after a teenage girl and her baby sister are found dead inside their home.

According to Ontario Police, the two were found Tuesday night. Police say the father of the girls, a 14-year-old and a 4-month-old called police after finding their bodies, along with their mother in the home around 5 p.m. in the 500 block of Tam O’Shanter Street.

WATCH: Police hold a press conference about the investigation

Both children and the mother were taken to the hospital, but both kids were pronounced dead on the scene where they were found in the garage.
The mother was listed in stable condition at the hospital but has been unresponsive at this time. Police say they believe the mother is to blame for the murders.

Ontario Police Officials originally called it a suspicious death investigation, and later said they believe the girls were murdered inside the home.

Hours after the incident, they were still interviewing family members, trying to figure out what happened.

According to Ontario Police Sgt. Bill Russell, it does not appear that there was any kind of “noxious fumes involved,” as both kids were found inside of a garage. Carbon monoxide was ruled out, being the girls were found in the garage.

Police say they did see there a struggle at the scene and both kids had visible injuries.

The father of the girls was interviewed by police and released, The mother who remains in the hospital has not given a statement is said to be the person who is responsible based on the strong evidence found at the scene.

Police say during their investigation they found two notes, one in the house and one in the car pertaining to the incident. One of the notes is a suicide note. The details of the notes have not been released at this time, as they considered part of the strong evidence on the scene.

The mother has not been charged or arrested at this time. Police say before the incident she was said to have depression issues and concerns.

This is an ongoing investigation.


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