Phoenix, Arizona Police officer fired after an internal investigation surrounding a use of force incident

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Courtesy: Phoenix, Arizona Police Department

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

PHOENIX, AZ – (WIAT & CBS) A Phoenix Arizona police officer has been fired in connection to a use of force incident that happened earlier this year.

Phoenix Police Sargeant says that officer Christopher Meyer has been fired after an internal investigation surrounding a use of force incident earlier this year that got national attention.

WATCH: Phoenix, Arizona Police officer fired after an internal investigation into a shoplifting use of force incident

In June, the Phoenix Police Department opened an investigation into some of its officers and how they handled a shoplifting theft incident involving 22-year-old Dravon Ames.

The decision comes after cell phone video was released showing an officer sweeping the leg of a handcuffed man, later identified as Ames.

Phoenix Police say in the cellphone video, Ames is flat on the pavement with his hands behind his back being handcuffed by a Phoenix Police officer. Shortly after that Ames is yanked off the ground and pressed up against a squad car and then his right leg is kicked by the officer.

The officer then yells, “If I tell you to do something you (expletive) do it!” “Yes, sir,” replies Ames.

Shortly after, Ames’ leg is swept and another officer approaches the vehicle the suspect was in and points a gun at the backseat. That’s when a woman and her two daughters open the door and walk out.

Both Ames and the woman were handcuffed and detained, but neither was arrested.

According to a family spokesperson, the two were considered shoplifting suspects, after their daughter allegedly took a doll from a dollar store.

Ames and his pregnant fiancee Iesha Harper say Phoenix Officer Meyer yelled obscenities at them, held them and their kids at gunpoint, and unnecessarily kicked Ames.

The Ames-Harper family has filed a notice of claim for $10 million, which includes $2.5 million for their two children.

According to the family’s attorneys, the city has agreed to a mediation that has been scheduled for December 18.

After the case gained national attention, Chief Williams called for an investigation by the Professional Standards Bureau.

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