Man who spent 2 years in jail for crime he did not commit now free

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — For Treveon Weaver, it’s been a long road.

“I’m 21, I’ve got a long life ahead of me,” Weaver said. “A long life. I just started!”

For two years, Weaver was locked up in jail for a crime that he did not commit.

“It’s just sad that two years of a young man’s life were taken away from him,” Emory Anthony Jr., the attorney representing Weaver, said. He first took the case back in 2017. “This all started with the allegation that a home was broken into. The young lady was raped, sodomized. They were robbed.”

Anthony Jr. explained that through a photo of Weaver on Facebook that bore a resemblance to the alleged perpetrator, Weaver was linked to the case and arrested. In total, he was facing 11 charges.

“I wanted to give up, but God was talking to me and told me don’t give up,” Weaver said. “[God said] we know you’re innocent.”

Weaver never did give up, but because bond was set to about $540,000, he sat in jail for two years. For the entirety of that time, he waited for DNA found at the crime scene to be tested. Per his attorney, Weaver eagerly submitted his own DNA for testing as well.

The test results came back this summer and the DNA collected at the scene did not match Weaver’s.

He could finally go home. He was finally free.

“I’m happy to be out. I’m really happy to be out,” Weaver said.

When asked about his disposition towards the American judicial system, Weaver thinks there is more work to be done.

“It’s messed up. It’s not fair,” Weaver said. “You shouldn’t go to jail for ‘he said, she said.’ You should go to jail if they have evidence that that person did that.”

But even though Weaver lost two years of his life to jail, he’s found a silver lining.

“Back then, I used to look at life different,” Weaver said. “I used to think life was a game, but life’s not a game. I can see how easily it can be taken from you at any time.”

Now that Weaver is a free and innocent man, he has big plans. Weaver tells CBS 42 that he wants to start his own business, write a book about his experience, and share his story with the world to inspire others just like him.

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