It has been a little over a week since the music industry lost one of the greatest songwriters of all-time. People all over are continuing to mourn the loss of Grammy Award-winning songwriter, LaShawn Daniels, who is responsible for some of the greatest hits in music history.

Since his passing, many celebrities who worked closely with Daniels have taken to social media to express their grief. However, no one is more affected than those closest to him, including his devoted wife April.

April Daniels took to Instagram for the first time since his passing to share a touching message to her late husband. 

“God Will Take Care Of You” I hear you baby. I miss this man so very much” she said.

This was April’s first public statement since her husband passed last Tuesday. She made a second post, Sunday, Sept. 8th saying, ” My love will never be the same.”

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“My Life Will Never Be The Same” 💔

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In the wake of his death, his family released this message asking for privacy.

“We know there have been so many people who have felt LaShawn’s impact, and want to share in remembering him, but out of respect for our family, LaShawn’s memorial service is Private and by the family’s invitation only. This is a solemn time for our immediate family and we wish to keep it personal.”

Continuing “To ensure the privacy and sensitive nature of the occasion, no media will be in attendance and only invited guests will be included on a list managed by trusted individuals,” the statement said on Instagram.

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LaShawn Daniels was 41.