Global entry interviews offered at UAB for 3 days only

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — For 3 days, UAB Passport Services is offering global entry interviews with government officials, if already pre-approved through the application process.

In Birmingham, a traveler can get registered and approved in TSA Pre✓, but if they want to have global entry, they have to go to the nearest airport HUB or global entry center. The only permanent global entry center in Alabama is in Huntsville.

“TSA Pre✓ provides expedited security screening benefits for flights departing from U.S. Airports. Global Entry provides the TSA Pre✓ benefit plus expedited US customs screening for international air travelers when entering the United States,” according to

The 3 day interview process for global entry in Birmingham is being held at UAB passport services from July 9-July 11.

“I have people from Florida driving up, people from Tennessee are coming down because even though they have these global entry locations in states like Georgia and Tennessee, they’re booked out several weeks in advance so people trying to travel sooner, will sometimes go to other states. We definitely want to have this as a normal annual event,” said Courtney Jeffries, head of Passport Facilities at UAB.

Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport officials said they have not heard of any future plans to bring a global entry facility to central Alabama.

“It is important since we do have an international airport in Birmingham. We want to try to get those people here in the city of Birmingham without having to travel an hour or 2 hours to another location to do those interviews,” said Jeffries.

TSA Pre✓ costs $85 and Global Entry, which includes TSA Pre✓, costs $100.

For more information about TSA Pre✓, click here.

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