Former prison worker speaks out about mistreatment

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Out of desperation and determination, Monica Mann, a former ADOC employee at Childersburg Community Based Facility/Community work center, will stop at nothing until justice is service. “Why should I have to find another job when I have not done anything wrong,” says Mann. 

She says she was bullied, harassed and humiliated. As a result, she says she suffered a disabling injury that she had to have surgery for. Mann claims it began in 2015 when Warden Karen Carter had inmates removed from the kitchen which left her baking more from scratch. She says she eventually injured her right arm. Mann says, “I did three rounds of physical therapy and acupuncture. I had to do a nerve test and took shots. I was put on steroids and gained 20lbs.” 

Mann claims she contacted Warden Carter and all three commissioners about more kitchen help but was ignored.

ADOC responded to our request about the issue and says The Alabama Department of Corrections encourages employees to seek assistance from their supervisor, warden, or from the Department’s Equal Opportunity Office (EEO) or Office of the Inspector General (OIG) if an employee has experienced any work related problems or issues.  At any time, an employee may file a grievance or complaint to their supervisor, warden, EEO or IG.  The grievance or complaint will be thoroughly investigated, and if required, corrective actions taken until a resolution is reached on the employee’s behalf. 

Mann left for surgery but when she returned from leave she resigned. “I couldn’t take the bullying or being ignored any longer. This affected my home life. It affected me spiritually, it affected me mentally and it still does,” says Mann. 

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