FITNESS FRIDAY: Importance of Ab Workouts

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BIRMINGHAM, AL – (WIAT) It’s Fitness Friday! Today’s workout is all about strengthening and tightening your abs.

Ab Workouts are very important, not only because toned abs look good but ab workouts help you brace yourself and have a strong core. Having a strong core helps with your balance and stability, which can impact your legs and how you move.

Having proper breathing while working on your abs is very important as well. Always remember to breathe. And never forget your water. Water is a key ingredient in helping with your ab workouts.

Exercises such as crunches, with or without weights are always effective. Another thing to remember, when you are exercising and working on your core, your belly button is pushed to the back, which means you are engaging your core. So have that mindset of needing to push your belly button back will help ab workouts be more effective.

While crunching, involves your shoulder blades coming off of the floor, sit-ups are another variation of a good ab workout but it involves your entire back coming off of the floor.

With a crunch exercise, you feel the burn more, but when you do a sit-up you are working the rectus abdominis muscle, meaning the front part of the muscle. So keep that in mind, as you want to make sure you are covering all angles of your abs during your workout.

Make sure when you are doing crunches, your chin is not tight. You want to use more of your core and your abs, not your neck.

Finding a spot to focus on maybe on the wall behind you could help in keeping your chin loose and really help you use your core more.

Other exercises such as ball slams from front to back, really cause you to use your core more which in turn will strengthen and tighten. Ball slams from side to side, really help tighten your obliques, which is another area of your abs you want to be sure to include.

These are just a few of many ab workouts that can help tighten and strengthen. And the good thing about strengthing your abs, you can do it anywhere. Check out more abs tips and workouts with Personal Trainer Peggy Keebler below.

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