FITNESS FRIDAY: How to activate your glutes; exercises and fitness tips

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December 25 2021 12:00 am

BIRMINGHAM, AL – (WIAT) It’s Fitness Friday! This week’s segment is all about ‘activating your glutes.’

Most people want to have a nice ‘butt’ when they look at themselves in the mirror. Everyone wants a ‘behind’ that looks good in clothes, on the beach….everywhere. But do you know how to properly ‘activate your glutes’ and the importance of doing so?

First, in order to activate your glutes, you have to know what it means.

What does it mean to activate the glutes? It means to produce them to be larger, more defined, or more toned. It is important to activate your glutes because it helps with your balance, brace your hips, your back, and your core, pretty much your entire body.

The good thing about activating your glutes, you don’t really need much to get the job done. Minimum exercise equipment is needed in order to get the results you want.

Light equipment such as resistance bands and dumbbells are really all you need.

One exercise, especially for glutes, would be kickbacks with bands. In this exercise, you are alternating the feet. Kicking back activates the hamstrings on the back of your leg and the glutes, which in turn tightens, tones and activates.

Lateral moves, such as traveling across the room, with side squats is another way to activate your glutes and work out and tone your hips.

Hip abductions, which means to “take it away” are really great toning and tightening exercises. A squat with the bands around your ankles and raising each leg one side at a time is another great way to really activate the hips and the glutes.

Dumbbell exercises are another way to really tone and tighten. An exercise called ‘weighted donkey kicks’- by placing the dumbbell on the back of your leg while donkey kicking really helps squeeze and activate the glutes.

With any activating exercise, be sure to always hold your core tight and breathe, this will really help you get tighten.

Other exercises such as ‘Reverse planks,’ and ‘Clamshell’ are other ways using the bands, that really activate the glutes and hips.

Always remember whatever, you do on the right side, be sure to do it on the left side as well.

WATCH FITNESS FRIDAY: How to activate the glutes; exercises and fitness tips- Personal Trainer Peggy Keebler of PK Fitness and CBS 42 Cameron Edgeworth show you how to ‘activate the glutes’.

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