FITNESS FRIDAY: Back support, strengthening exercises and tips

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Sit up straight! Stand up straight! Shoulders back! It is time to support and strengthen your back.

In this week’s Fitness Friday segment, Personal Trainer Peggy Keebler of PK Fitness and CBS 42 Digitial Reporter Cameron Edgeworth demonstrate exercises that will help you lose that annoying back fat, which in turn can help you have better posture.

So why is important to work out your back?

It is very important to work out your back because it is part of your core. Your core is the main ingredient for bracing your back and having balance.

There are so many exercises that will help work out and strengthen your back. Most of the exercises can be done anywhere and you won’t need much equipment.

So when it comes to working your core, remember when you are exercising and pushing you are working the chest. If you are pulling you are working your back and it is always important to squeeze your shoulder blades together to really help smooth out your back.

Bands are always a great tool to help with back exercises. When doing these exercises, remember to keep your core tight and squeeze your shoulder blades.

Remember to squeeze your shoulder blades

Exercises like ‘rowing the bands’ really help to tighten your arms, back, and upper body.

When it comes to working out your back, you want to make sure to focus on all 3 parts, your upper back, middle back, and lower back.

And remember as you work on your back be sure to breathe, keep your core tight, back straight and squeeze those shoulder blades.

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Now ladies when it comes to working on that “bra fat”- tight, side rows are great for getting that burn, getting those tight results to get that smooth back you want.

Side Rows – great for “bra fat”

Other good exercises for engaging the back and the core, you could add a partner to the rowing exercise to help with the tension to tighten and have better results.

And the great thing about all of these exercises you can them standing up or sitting down no matter your age. So this would be great for elders as well.

Now when it comes to your lower back, exercises on the floor such as ‘Superman’ and the different variations of the ‘Superman’ will really give you the workout and tight support needed to lose that back fat.

“Y” Superman
Flying Superman with a clap

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