FBI announces major counterfeit Apple products scheme involving more than 10,000 products sold nationwide

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SAN DIEGO, CA – (WIAT & CBS) Authorities in Southern California announced charges in a major counterfeit technology case.

U.S. Attorney Robert Brewer and San Diego FBI Special Agent in Charge Scott Brunner held a news conference in San Diego in relation to busting a major counterfeit Apple products scheme that involved more than 10,000 products that were sold all around the U.S., in China and other countries.

Counterfeiters brought into the United States fake iPhone, iPads and other Apple products and then exchanged them for genuine products at Apple stores.


Brewer said overall more than 10 thousand products were exchanged.

The authentic products were then sold in China and other countries – with an estimated loss to Apple of six million dollars.

Authorities are still looking for three more individuals involved, one of whom is believed to be in China.

Authorities say the people who were impacted by this scheme did not have any interruption in their service. Apple Stores all over are aware of the situation and are handling the issues on a case by case basis.

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