“Faro” The new crime scene investigation tool

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala., (WIAT) — Police in Birmingham have a new crime-fighting partner to help investigate crime scenes.

It’s a laser scanner that gives officers 3D views and videos and what this technology captures at crime scenes can be used in the courtroom, too.

It looks and feels futuristic: swooping into a crime scene, like a player in a virtual reality video game.

“You can maneuver down, up, sideways, below, above and follow a path,” explained Birmingham Crime Scene Technician John Strickland.

But the future is now in Birmingham, where police are capturing detailed 3D replicas of car accidents and crimes fast and with stunning accuracy. That’s information officers and detectives can use to analyze and investigate evidence.

The FARO Laser Scanner makes it happen – a tripod-mounted digital mapping system. A roughly $60,000 investment, paid for by Birmingham Police. Birmingham is one of only a handful of departments in Alabama with the technology.

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