BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — If you’re a new Christian, or even someone who grew up in a faith-filled household, you may have questioned why there are so many different versions of the Bible.

Dr. Kip Laxson told CBS 42 it’s actually a good thing.

He explained the Bible was compiled by scholars over the course of hundreds of years, translated into many languages with different books included or removed depending on the type of Bible.

“The Bible as we know it today took about three hundred years to compile,” said Dr. Laxson. “And it’s not just one book – it’s a collection of books, like an anthology, over a long period of time. This makes the Bible much more rich, mysterious, and engaging. We also have to remember that we’re dealing with different languages in the bible. The Hebrew Scriptures – what some people call the Old Testament – is translated from the Hebrew into English or whatever language. And the New Testament is translated from Greek into English, or whatever language it may be. And that’s why the Bible is translated into literally almost every language in the world.”

Dr. Laxson recommends the New Revised Standard Version or the Common English Bible as a good place to start for those looking for a strong Bible. He also says reading the Bible’s Preface can help you understand the scholars who put that specific version together.

You can watch the full Sunday Edition of “Faith Matters” with Dr. Kip Laxson above.