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Community Reacts to Mayor's Removal

FAIRFIELD, Ala. (WIAT) -- The Fairfield City Attorney tells CBS 42 that Mayor Ed May has been removed from office, citing operational law. Former City Council President Eddie Penny was sworn in Tuesday evening. 

May, however, thinks this is all about a power struggle.

"This entire thing is geared towards trying to usurp my authority and my position," contends May. "President Penny wants to be mayor. Bad. He salivates for it almost like an animal coming upon unsuspecting prey."

May says that he arrived at his office at Fairfield City Hall Monday to find all of his personal belongings packed up and boxed away. Tuesday night, Eddie Penny was sworn in during a special city council meeting to replace him. 

"The Mayor is required to be a part of a quorum and attend [the City Council] meetings," says Mayor Penny. "And the Mayor has been out for about four months, well over that 90-day limit."

Penny explains that because May missed every City Council meeting during a span exceeding 90 days, the City of Fairfield acted in the right.

But May contends that the statutes governing Fairfield don't align with the City Council's stance.

"The Mayor has veto power and does not sit with the Council," says May. "So my presence is not counted towards establishing a quorum. Therefore, this law does not apply to me!"

Regardless of May's objections, the process has moved quickly. May's picture has already been taken down at Fairfield City Hall.

The City of Fairfield's seal outside reads "an older city moving in a new direction." Newly appointed Mayor Eddie Penny believes that this new direction will progress the City without any hiccups.

"Our message to the City of Fairfield is that we will continue to move this city forward," says Penny. "The Council continues to function the way it should. We have continued to pay the bills."

Ed May adds that he is preparing legal briefs and is set to appear in court on Friday, February 22nd to debate the matter before a judge. 


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