Christmas Miracle: Missing siblings found safe in wooded area with slight bruises but good shape

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WIAT &CNN) — A Christmas miracle!
That is the best way that police officers are describing the outcome of a massive manhunt for two siblings who went missing in Jacksonville, Florida.

According to Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams, 6-year-old Braxton Williams, and his 5-year-old sister, Bri’ya Williams, were found Tuesday afternoon in a wooded area in the same neighborhood where they went missing after a more than 48-hour manhunt.

Police say the children were found in a dilapidated pump house they had taken shelter in.

Authorities say one of the rescue team members heard a voice that they thought was a child’s voice that sounded faint at first. As they started following the sound, they could hear the children talking and that is when they found both children inside the pump house.

Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Chief Keith Powers say both children were happy and talkative as the rescuers gave them a bottle of water and some candy.

Despite being lost for more than two days, the children seem to be in good health, according to Officials.

Jacksonville Sheriff Williams says the children were lively and talkative and asked for cheese pizza that was quickly delivered to them. But besides them being a little bit dehydrated and a couple of bumps and bruises they were in good shape.

Now the family is going to have a wonderful Christmas. They just received the best Christmas present they will ever get in their entire life.

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