BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Here in Birmingham, neighbors say the dangerous driving problems are getting worse, and putting the public in danger.

“I just think they need to hold people accountable and put more officers out there,” a concerned Birmingham neighbor told CBS 42. He wished to remain anonymous for his personal safety, after issues involving exhibition driving have led to violence.

“Right here in our metro area we have seen three deaths in the past two years because of street racing and exhibition driving,” said Birmingham District Two City Councilor Hunter Williams.

The City of Birmingham, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Birmingham Police, and other agencies are working together to combat the dangerous driving trends.

“Right now we’re working with our state representatives to get some draft legislation in place, but even with that the session won’t start until 2023,” said Police Chief Scott Thurmond.

City leaders agree: fighting the problem starts with stricter enforcement.

“We want to make sure that we have legislation that puts teeth into the ability for Birmingham Police or any law enforcement agency within the state of Alabama to enforce that,” Williams explained.

Currently, he said police can really only issue speeding tickets and other minor traffic offenses for those engaging.

Chief Thurmond told CBS 42 they are also ticketing bystanders for unrelated traffic offenses or vehicle violations to deter crowds engaging in dangerous driving spectacles.

In the meantime, the city has also installed speed humps at specific intersections to prevent cars from doing donuts and other stunts.

“I hope the public sees we are trying by putting out the speed humps,” Thurmond said. “That is giving us some relief it’s not the total end all, there’s more to that we plan on putting out were just in a testing phase.”