Bernie Sanders cancels events after losing voice

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks to striking telecommunications workers on Sunday, Aug. 25, 2019, in Louisville, Ky. Sanders says it’s possible to be a friend of coal miners and a believer in climate change and the need for cleaner energy sources to combat it. (AP Photo/Bruce Schreiner)

RENO, Nev. (CNN) — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is taking a break from the campaign trail after losing his voice during one of his rallies.

The Sanders campaign made the announcement Saturday — canceling all his appearances scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

The Senator’s team says he will be taking the two days off and heading back home to Burlington, Vermont, “In order to rest his voice.”

Sanders reportedly began to lose his voice during a rally in Denver on Monday.

By Friday he was joking and apologizing to his supporters for not being his “Usual loud self.”

The Senator’s hoarse voice was also noticeable during Thursday’s Democratic debate.

His campaign says other than losing his voice, Sanders is feeling great and will be back to speak at the AFL-CIO summit Tuesday night.

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