Autopsy results: 6-year-old Faye died of asphyxiation just hours after going missing

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CAYCE, SC – (WIAT & CNN) UPDATE 2:00 p.m. – According to the Lexington County Coroner in South Carolina, the autopsy results reveal that Faye’s death did not happen at the location where she was found.

The coroner says the cause of her death is said to be asphyxiation. Results show that she was killed on the same day she went missing, just a few hours after she was abducted.

The condition of Faye’s body has not been released.

According to the Police Chief, the investigation started 8 days ago, last week on Monday at 3:45 p.m. when Faye’s mother says she discovered her daughter to be missing. She then called her friends, gathered neighbors and frantically searched for Faye.

After hours of not finding her, she placed a frantic call to 911 at 5 p.m. By 5:03 p.m. Cayce officers were on the scene talking to family and neighbors and searching for Faye. Officers then notified the Command Center and asked for help from other agencies. By 6 p.m. around 50 or more officers were canvassing the neighborhood in search of Faye.

Officers searched everywhere in the rain for the missing 6-year-old. Within the next hour, more agencies were searching for Faye from the air, water and on the ground level. Around 7 p.m. Faye’s picture was shared all over social media as the search continued. Over 300 law enforcement officers joined in the search.

Later Monday night Cayce officers shut down the Churchill Heights neighborhood and searched everyone going in and out of the area. Everyone stopped and cooperated with the search as Faye had still not been found.

Police search all 280 homes in the area, as well as every pool, creek, trash can, shed or other areas. K-9’s were also used in the search.

The search continued through the night into Thursday morning. On that day, that is when the trash pick up is to take place. Officers followed every trash truck and searched every trash can.

At 6 a.m. Thursday morning, the Police Chief says during the investigation, a child’s rain boot and a soup ladle filled with freshly dug dirt were found that lead them to Faye’s body.

The items were located on 602 Picadilly Square. And that is when there was an immediate grid search done. The Chief says just as the items were found around 10 a.m. he searched the area near the things found and that is when he located the body of Faye Swetlik.

Around 10:30 a.m. other Cayce officers were notified of a home in the area, near her body where a man was found bleeding on the back patio.

Through DNA found at both crime scenes, it was determined that the man found was 30-year-old Cody Taylor. The DNA connected the clues with the evidence found.

Authorities say the day before Faye was found, Cody was contacted and interviewed. He was cooperative as no evidence was found inside of his home as he allowed them to search his home.

The Police Chief says evidence leaves them to believe that Cody Taylor abducted and killed Faye Swetlik. And it appears that he acted alone.

Evidence shows her body was moved in the shadows of the night.

Police say they believe that Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, the same day of his questioning, that is when Faye’s body had to be moved.

The body of Faye was discovered on Thursday as well as the body of Cody.

Investigators say they are not sure where Faye’s body could have been during the time of his home being searched.

Authorities say that they do have a video of Cody “doing some things outside,” but the details of the video have not been released. Over 50 locations helped provide the video footage in the investigation.

Investigators say they will release the details of the autopsy results of the 30-year-old man later today.

They also say Cody did have a roommate, and they have spoken to that person but he did not have anything to do with this tragic incident. Also, the roommate was not near the residence at the time of any of the crime or investigation.

Tuesday night, a vigil is being held in Cayce, South Carolina on the lawn in the front of Cayce City Hall.

1:00 p.m. – 6-year-old Faye Swetlik was reported missing on Monday, February 10th. Authorities say she went missing while playing in her front yard after getting off of a school bus Monday afternoon.

South Carolina authorities say her body was discovered nearly three days later in a wooded area near her home.

Investigators have now released more information on the man who was also found dead not too far from where Faye’s body was located.

30-year-old Cody Scott Taylor has been identified as the neighbor who is said to be linked to the death of Faye.

Police say a key piece of evidence in Taylor’s trash led them to the little girl’s body Thursday. And moments later that is when police say they found Cody’s body at his house, which is right next door to Faye’s family’s house in the neighborhood of the Churchill Heights.

According to investigators, Taylor was not close to Faye’s family at all.

Authorities say that their deaths are connected but have not released the details as to how.

The autopsy results are set to be released Tuesday at 2 p.m. during a press conference.

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