911 call placed days before 21-year-old Clark Atlanta student’s death provides new details

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21-year-old Alexis Crawford

ATLANTA, GA (WIAT & CNN) New details are being released in the investigation of the murder of 21-year-old Clark Atlanta student Alexis Crawford.

Atlanta Officials say a 911 call placed just days before the murder could offer some insight into the crime.

Investigators say the call was made by the victim’s roommate, 21- year-old Jordyn Jones. She is accused of her role in her death.

21-year-old Jordyn Jones

It has been more than two weeks since police accused Clark Atlanta student Jordyn Jones, of murdering her best friend Alexis Crawford. Authorities say the tragic incident happened inside their off-campus apartments.

Officials say three days before Alexis was murdered, she went to the Police and reported Jordyn Jones’ 21-year-old boyfriend Barron Brantley raped her. While police were investigating that rape they say Brantley and jones killed Alexis and they have reason to believe the rape was the motive.

21-year-old Jordyn Jones and 21-year-old Barron Brantley

Below is a complete transcript of Jordyn Jones’ 911 call made days before the murder.

911: “You need police, fire ems?”

Jordyn : “Yes because my ex-boyfriend just stole my car, he took my keys & f*** ran and Im about to…”

911: “What kind of car you got?”

Jordyn: “A 2017 red Chevy Cruze.”

During the phone call, Jordyn never mentioned the accused rape during this phone call.

But the very next day Alexis reported the rape to the police. Investigators may now be using the 911 call as evidence in the murder case.

911: “What’s your name?”

Jordyn: “Jordyn Jones.”

911: :Alright Miss Jones..”

Jordyn: “J-O-R-D-Y-N”

911: “Alright is there a gate code to get into your complex.”

Jordyn: “It’s Michigan plates… huh?”

911: “Is there a gate code.”

Jordyn: “No, it’s open.”

911: “We’ll get an officer out for you.”

Jones was denied bond last week after it was revealed she planned to leave the state. A judge says jones withdrew from school at Clark Atlanta and planned to move back home to Michigan.

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