6-year-old is ‘Mayor for a day’


BIRMINGHAM, Ala., (WIAT) — Khylan “Khy’’ White, 6, a kindergartener at Robinson Elementary School, to City Hall, where he declared him “Mayor for a Day.’’

Khy has terminal brain cancer. Mark White, a radio personality from Athens, learned about Khy’s condition after simply ordering a pizza last month of Your Pie at Uptown. The manager told him about Khy’s plight, and then Mark reached out to Mayor Woodfin to see if he would declare him Mayor for a Day.

The mayor agreed, welcoming Khy; his mother; and little brother to the council chambers, where City of Birmingham employees gave Khy a standing ovation. The mayor then escorted a shocked Khy to his chair in the council chambers and presented him with a Black Panther doll, other Black Panther gifts, a city T-shirt and cards from the staff.  (The mayor had heard that Khy loves Black Panther.) Representatives from Birmingham Fire and Rescue were also present to give Khy a toy fire hat and fire truck.

The mayor also let Khy sit at his desk in this office and allowed him to sign a document after Khy said, “I want to sign something.’’

The mayor took photos with Khy and his younger brother and signed a proclamation declaring Khy “Mayor for a Day.’’

Also on hand today were Mark White and Tiara Pennington, the first African-American to be crowned as Miss University of Alabama.  

Following all of this, Khy went to the first floor of City Hall, where he met a police officer and took photos with the officer. While talking to the officer, Khy looked over at City Hall security and said, “Is that your boss?’’ The officer responded, “No, you’re my boss. You’re the mayor today.’’ Khy responded with a big laugh and a smile.

After his visit to City Hall, Mark White joined Khy and his family at Your Pie in Uptown, where Mark and the manager at Your Pie arranged a pizza party for Khy and some of his friends. 

Background on Khy: Since late July 2018, he has been battling DIPG, an aggressive childhood cancer. 

Despite his diagnosis, Khy has remained positive and on the go. He likes to dance, sing and copy moves by Bruno Mars. 

He helps his mother, Raven Tyree, around the house. And he assists his younger brother, Jay’veon Bell, with his homework. 

He loves to talk, toy fire trucks, the color red, Black Panther, Paw Patrol, chicken nuggets and cheese pizza. 

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