Police continue investigating after parent reports needle in child’s Halloween candy

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WEAVER, Ala. (WIAT) — Police in Weaver continue to investigate after a parent reported finding a needle in a child’s Halloween candy.

Town leaders posted a photo of the tainted candy to Facebook and cautioned parents.

“We’re not sure from the time where this piece of candy was made, who had their hands on it, where the needle was placed, was it in a store, was it an individual, we just don’t know that right now,” said Lt. Charles Plitt with the Weaver Police Department.

Plitt said the parents reported inspecting the candy after trick or treating in the Buckhorn neighborhood Thursday night.

“As a parent, as a police officer, I was very concerned. So were the other officers and everyone involved. We don’t want any of the children to get hurt. We want them to have a good time,” said Plitt.

Police officers are conducting interviews as part of the investigation.

“We noticed that it appeared to be a sewing machine needle and it looked like it had been pushed into the piece of candy by someone and of course that is what we are trying to figure out now,” said Plitt.

Weaver Mayor Wayne Willis said it was important to share the report with other parents through social media.

“My first indication was it was a hoax, but you always have to err on the side of caution because you never know,” Willis continued. “You can’t sit on something like that and risk another child getting hurt, so I made the choice of a child’s safety is more important the reputation of the city or my reputation so I would rather put the information out and let parents know that there is a threat out there and they need to be cautious.”

So far there are no other similar reports. Police have the tainted candy secured for possible testing to aid in the ongoing investigation.

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