Blount County mother pleads for answers after son’s 2017 Christmas death

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BLOUNT COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — A Blount County mother is still searching for answers in her son’s homicide after he was found dead on Christmas night in 2017.

18-year-old Christian Boyle had been reported missing for nearly two weeks until his body was discovered in a vehicle along Cold Branch Road in Blount County.

“I love him still more than anything. I miss him everyday,” said Boyle’s mother, Kerry Payne.

After receiving the tragic news during the holidays two years ago, Pain no longer celebrates Christmas.

There are no decorations outside her home and there is no tree inside the house.

“I don’t celebrate Christmas anymore. It is just a day usually I want to be alone,” said Payne.

Payne said she doesn’t know who would want to harm her child. She said he was kind, trusting, and would call often to check on the family after he moved in with a friend.

“He never left the house, left the bed, or hung up the phone without letting us know that he loved us,” Payne said.

After Boyle’s death in 2017, Payne also lost her husband.

“When Christian died, it just took what little will he had left,” Payne continued. “I don’t even feel like I’ve really completely grieved either one of their deaths, because I have been so consumed with wanting to know.”

The only place Payne did any holiday decorating was her son’s grave. She said he loved Christmas and it was a special time for the family.

“This week has been really hard to not have to run to the bathroom and fall apart for a minute,” Payne continued, “Christian loved doing the Christmas tree. He always had to help me.”

The Blount County Sheriff’s Office is still seeking information in Boyle’s death. His mother knows someone has answers.

“They’re just not coming forward. For whatever reason, but I beg them to please, any little information that they don’t even think is important might be the key,” said Payne.

If you know anything about Boyle’s death, you’re asked to call the Blount County Sheriff’s Office at 205.625.4127

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