Birmingham church houses beehives to better the environment

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October 02 2021 06:00 pm

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) – Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church is caring for honeybees as it takes steps to be more sustainable and god to the environment.

The church has three beehives. Church Rector, John Burruss says it’s about more than just keeping bees for honey.

“One of the values at Saint Stephens Episcopal Church is recognizing that everything in the creative world is sacred. Bees play such a critical role in our health,” said Burruss. “They’re responsible for about 30 to 45 percent of our food. And 90 percent of wildflowers so caring for bees is a way of helping our congregation recognize the importance of caring for creation, and of caring for our food and where it comes from.”

Burruss says the hive is symbolic of the church and its parishioners.

“There’s one queen bee and her purpose is to create life. And the entire community supports her in that effort,” said Burruss. “So in many ways, we’re like a hive here trying to help care for this world and help creation do it’s work, help God do his work of creation.”

The church is taking other steps to be more sustainable by growing vegetables, and recycling litter from the Cahaba River to make art. Saint Stephen’s is also preparing to plant a large garden area for more vegetables and wildflowers for the bees.

“It’s critical at this time to help each other recognize the sacredness in life and sacredness of all creation. And so our little endeavors of what we do, if we want to make a difference in protecting and conserving this beautiful world we are entrusted with. It may feel like a lot when one person is working to make a difference, but if community after community, churches, neighborhoods can begin to take this we can make a huge difference in how we care for our world,” said Burruss.

Burruss hopes the church’s actions will inspire others.

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