BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — World Games events are taking place all over Birmingham, but what you may not be aware of are the many individuals working hard behind the scenes to help bring the magic of the World Games to life.

Here at the World Games, you never know what you may see. There’s innovative technology all over-even flying through the skies of Birmingham.

The SkySurfer Aircraft made its official debut to the world during The World Games opening ceremony. Founder and creator of the aircraft, Hunter Kowald, soared through Protective Stadium as Bootsy Collins’ stunt double.

“We’ve been racing non-stop the past 5-6 days to like get ready for that exact moment and for it to be finally finished and be successful and it was an incredible show and everybody loved it, it was pretty emotional for me,” said Kowald. “I was pretty happy.”

Kowald has worked towards this moment his entire life, and now he’s the creator of what he says is the world’s smallest aircraft.

Prototypes were in development for several years, but Kowald says his latest aircraft came to be about a year ago.

Since then, his invention has taken off, providing many opportunities. Kowald was recently featured as Green Goblin’s stunt double in Spiderman: No Way Home.

“I didn’t expect it to be so viral, but after I posted a couple of silly videos of me hovering that I was proud of, just kind of showing my friends and family, then it just took off and just spread across the world,” said Kowald.

Kowald’s invention may defy the odds of physics, but it doesn’t go without challenges. He says the amount of power it consumes is equal to eight or nine homes running at the same time. 

But, with the right materials, he is now able to fly the fireproof aircraft for about 20 minutes straight.

Kowald says he was grateful to share his skysurfer aircraft with the world and that the opening ceremony was the best event he’s ever done.

“Everybody’s been working so hard,” said Kowald. “It’s great to see everybody’s work and energy finally come together and create this final product which was the opening ceremony.”

Kowald hopes to make the SkySurfer Aircraft a consumer product or a safe on-location experience in the future for anybody that wants a chance to fly.