BIRMINGHAM Ala. (WIAT) — As World Games events continue, crowds remain heavy. With various closures and limited parking, downtown can be difficult to navigate. 

Parking, especially, can be a hassle with such large events taking place throughout the day, but the World Games ‘Ride the Line’ transportation has you covered. 

Guests can travel for free on Ride the Line to any venue destination they desire. According to guests and World Games officials, this is far more ideal than searching for parking that may or may not be available near venues.

There is parking available in various places throughout the city, but guests say the ‘World Games East Parking Lot’ is a popular spot with green line buses available every 10 to 15 minutes. 

“There is attendants letting you into the parking lot,” said visitor Jennifer Kupay. “Again, just park, lock your car, and then hop right on the bus. All the different routes are colored. So, very easy to find.”

There are four lines of transportation total. Green and yellow lines run from seven A.M. to 11 P.M. Red and blue lines run from nine am to midnight. 

 “It’s timely, it’s working, it’s amazing,” said world games marketing team member, Pam Cook. “Use it. Ride the line. It’ll bring you to the plaza, take you back to the car. There are a lot of locations all over the city where you can absolutely park and ride.”

Ride the line will provide transportation through July 17. To learn more about ride the line and other World Games events, you can go to our CBS42 news app.