BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — USFL teams took to the field this week, preparing for the start of the football season.

In addition to the league’s unique rules, Vice President of Operations, Daryl Johnston says the USFL will also have unique broadcast access.

“You’re going to see things in the USFL that you don’t see in the NFL, because we’re going to do some things that the NFL doesn’t like production people doing during the course of the game, so I think you’ll see some really interesting camera angles,” Johnston said.

The USFL will provide entertainment for football fans watching at home, but going to a game will also be an interactive experience.

“I think on game day you’re going to see fan access to the players that is very unique,” Johnston said. “So, in the USFL, to create that interaction, that contact-point between the fans and the players on the team is going to be something we strive for, to be unique and different than the NFL as well.”

While practice started this weekend, the players are still taking time to explore The Magic City.

“The guys are starting to get ingrained here in the community just the first week that we’ve been in town. They’re starting to wander about and find some of their spots,” said Johnston.

You may see some players out and about, but they think it’d be better if you saw them on the field.

“Please come out and join us on a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday afternoon for a football game. Tickets price fairly for the family,” Johnston said.

The USFL season begins April 16. Tickets can be ordered here.