High School Game of the Week sponsored by Atrox Factory and Whataburger.

It’s a little over halfway through the high school football season, but there hasn’t been a shortage of fierce matchups yet.

Kicking off at 7 p.m. Friday, CBS 42’s High School Game of the Week will take place in Hewitt-Trussville Stadium between the Huskies and the Thompson High School Warriors in a 7A Region 3 matchup.

Translation for those not fluent in football lingo– it’s a big game.

But before packing the stands and cheering on your respective teams, there are some important details to iron out– like where to find the best pregame grub in Trussville.

For pregame dining, check out Pinchgut Pies located in Trussville’s Entertainment District. Serving up all the traditional pies you’re used to, Pinchgut also offers adventurous selections like the “Gator Bait” pizza featuring alligator sausage, jalapeno peppers and “creole cream.”

And for those in search of lighter fare before hitting up the Huskies’ concession stand between quarters, swing by Trussville Social, also located in Trussville’s Entertainment District. With a menu stacked full of delicious appetizers, cocktails and more, Trussville Social is the perfect pre-game spot.

Although the Warriors and the Huskies can’t both come out on top at the end of the night, everyone still wins with a bellyful of tasty food.

You can purchase tickets for this week’s game at the ticket booths outside of Hewitt-Trussville Stadium before entering Friday night, or at any time online here.