TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Perhaps the defining moment of Jalen Hurts season is when Alabama got down to Texas A&M in the second half of their game on October 22nd. Hurts drove down the field, put the Tide up, and then capped it off with another touchdown late

It wasn’t the name fans thought they’d hear at the beginning of fall camp. Jalen Hurts rise has been the surprise chapter in Alabama’s 2016 season. So where did the true freshman get that football moxy? It comes from a long line of football obsession from the Hurts family in Houston, Texas.

“I knew Jalen would go up there and be successful, but I didn’t think it would be this early at this great of a rate,” says Jalen’s brother Averion.

The football field was the one place where Jalen gladly took a backseat to his brother, who first was allowed to play competitive football in sixth grade. “Averion, he was obsessed with it, he really wanted to be a quarterback. And you know, you never know what your younger child is doing,” says Hurts father, who is also named Averion.

“We would always go to summer workouts with our dad instead of going to the daycare’s and, you know, we’d always follow along with the drills and stuff,” says Jalen’s brother, “Whatever I was doing, Jalen was right there behind me. And that kind of remained a constant factor growing up.”

“Jalen learned so much just watching him, and I think he’s perfected his game based on a lot of things his brother has done,” says Jalen’s mom, Pamela.

His brother was a late bloomer. A stellar senior season earned him the JuCo route to Texas Southern, where he was the starting QB this year, his senior season, which presented a problem. “Being that it’s my last year, we were planning to try and catch all of his games, says Averion. “You know, Jalen kind of messed up the situation some you know, by being able to play young, which is a great opportunity from him.”

So the family did what any QB does when he sees a problem: they audibled. Every weekend mom goes to one son’s game and dad takes in the other. “There’s no words that can express what I see or that I feel when I go to watch a game. And I do get into the games for both of them; you will hear me…You will know that I’m there,” says Pamela.

But that’s something the two sibling signal callers already knew, that their parents are always there for them, “I can’t express how grateful I am for the love my parents have for me and Jalen,” says Averion.

“Every parent you want your kids to do better than you,” Jalen and Averion’s father added, “They’re on that path.”