This Super Bowl ad may be a husband’s worst nightmare

The Big Game

DALLAS (NEXSTAR) — People’s 2020 “Sexiest Man Alive” is playing the role of Alexa’s body in a Super Bowl ad sure to turn a few heads — and have husbands and boyfriends looking to flip the channel.

Amazon rolled out a 60-second Super Bowl spot that will air during Sunday’s big game featuring actor Michael B. Jordan.

In the commercial, a woman notes Alexa’s slick new design and says it’s hard to imagine anything better. When a bus with Jordan’s face on it rolls by, she slips into a daydream that includes Jordan taking off his shirt and getting into the bathtub.

At one point, after his wife starts the sprinklers for a second time, the woman’s husband delivers the line, “things are getting way too wet around here!”

Jordan tweeted out the new spot and the replies are largely men saying they’re going to put their Alexa in a headlock if the device gives them any trouble.

This is one commercial you’ll want to see for yourself!

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