TALLADEGA, Ala. (WIAT) — The Talladega College Board of Trustees recently voted in favor of conducting a feasibility study to determine the possibility of reviving the institution’s football program, which was canceled 80 years ago.

Talladega won the Black College Football National Championship in both 1920 and 1921.

“Given the success of our academic and athletic programs; the recent growth and transformation of the college; and the myriad benefits of having a football program, now may be the time to revive our team. This could be great for the college, the community, and central Alabama. However, our decision will be based upon the findings of a formal feasibility study,” explained Billy C. Hawkins, president of Talladega College.

Talladega’s Vice President for Student Affairs, Jeffery T. Burgin Jr, recently spearheaded a preliminary investigation to determine the feasibility of adding a football program.  His committee surveyed employees and found that an overwhelming majority of Talladega’s faculty and staff are in favor of having a football program and believe that it would be beneficial to the institution.

“The possibility of adding football would only enhance our athletic program and bring new opportunities to the campus, the community, and the overall collegiate experience for our students,” added Talladega College Athletic Director Kevin Herod.

“The band would love to actually march at home games, and many students are excited about the possibility of attending football games on campus.  School pride has increased a great deal, and I believe a football team would help it to increase even further.  Football would attract new students as well as sponsors,” said Shakayah Midgette, a 2021 graduate who served as student representative to the Talladega College Board of Trustees.

While results of the feasibility study won’t be in for some time, the upcoming study may help usher in a new era of football for Alabama’s first private historically black college.