In a since-deleted tweet, Kevin Durant weighed in on Nikola Jokić’s unique mindset after a clip went viral discussing the Nuggets’ big man’s star power.

“I don’t think Jokić wants or cares to be a star,” Durant tweeted. “Go to work and go home, FaceTime his horses and hop in the pool.”

The tweet stemmed from a conversation on The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz during which LeBatard opined that Jokić would be a bigger star if he were American-born.

“If he were American, good god would he be a star,” LeBatard said. “Same personality, same exact personality … a white dude dominating the NBA?”

Here’s a screengrab of Durant’s tweet:

LeBatard went on to liken Jokić to Magic Johnson and Larry Bird combined into one player. “He’s Magic and Bird and America hates him. What?” LeBatard said.

It’s unclear why Durant deleted his tweet, but his take on Jokić certainly had people talking. The tweet garnered nearly 500 retweets in less than 15 minutes before it was taken down.