Phillies fan and his pet alligator were denied access into Wednesday night’s game at Citizens Bank Park.

Yes, you read that right.

The local Philadelphia fan attempted to get into the game as the alligator was deemed his “service animal.” Fox 29’s Howard Eskin posted a picture of the alligator on X, formerly known as Twitter, showing the animal with a harness and leash on and captioning the photo “Things I’ve never seen.”

The photo quickly went viral, with the social media reaction being split. Some people saw a major issue with bringing an alligator, whether it’s well-behaved or not, into a stadium with thousands of people. On the other hand, some people thought the alligator would be totally fine.

The owner was mater identified to be Joie Henney with his pet alligator Wally, the duo of which was profiled by CBS Evening News last October. Henney calls Wally his “emotional support alligator.”

Here’s some of the best social media reactions on Wednesday night.