Philadelphia Eagles open sensory room for fans with autism


PHILADELPHIA, Penn. (CNN NEWSOURCE) — The Philadelphia Eagles now have a sensory room in their Lincoln Financial Field so fans with sensory challenges don’t have to feel left out.

The Eagles are the first NFL franchise to open a sensory room. The room is exclusively for fans with sensory challenges who might need to decompress from all the excitement and noise happening around and on the field. Many of those are on the autism spectrum.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia sponsored the room, which was constructed in the off-season. The hospital has worked with the Eagles on autism advocacy initiatives in the past.

A nonprofit group helped the eagles get the stadium up to “sensory-inclusive” certification standards. In addition to the room, every guest services stand in the stadium now offers “sensory bags.”

They’re filled with tools like noise-canceling headphones, fidget tools, verbal cue cards and weighted lap pads.

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