San Francisco police warn of thieves taking advantage of Super Bowl 50 tourists


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) —  With any large gathering comes crime, as thousands will converge on the city of San Francisco for Super Bowl 50, and some thieves could take advantage of tourists.

The meter reads “Welcome to SF Super Bowl 50.” But just feet away in the gutter, a not such welcoming sign–broken glass in what used to be somebody’s windshield.

Just up the way from Super Bowl City, KRON’s Vicki Liviakis counts four cars freshly broken into.

Break-ins are an issue in San Francisco, police said. And the auto burglaries have increased for various reasons.

Break-ins, and smash and grabs, are up 85 percent in some parts of the city. Police said don’t leave anything out in the open–especially a GPS.

Still, neighbors near the Embarcadero said it’s really out of control.

Watch the above video to see Vicki’s full report.

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