New Samford strength coach building athletes for the Bulldogs


HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — There’s a new strength and conditioning coach at Samford, and he may sound a little familiar. First year coach Ben Ashford learned his style from three seasons under Alabama strength coach Scott Cochran, and you can definitely hear the similarities just a few seconds into his workouts.

Cochran didn’t start his post-college career in coaching. He was a construction manager for six years after studying civil engineering and business at Auburn University. That’s when things took a turn.

“I lost my job,” Ashford said, “I kind of went soul searching.”

That’s when he found his calling.

“It changed everything in my life and found exercise to be a release. It’s something I’m passionate about and something I started to live in my everyday life,” he said.

He decided to get his Master’s Degree in Exercise Science at the University of Alabama and met Scott Cochran.

“He was a great boss,” Ashford said, “He was a great mentor, and he really looked after me.”

Now, with more than three years of experience under his belt, Ashford feels like coaching is his destiny.

“I’ve always loved to build things, and now I just build bodies and athletes,” he said. “So I guess I”m still in the building business, it’s just a little bit different and something I get to have a lot more passion about.”

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