BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — March Madness tips off today with round one of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. CBS is your home for a large portion of this year’s action.

CBS sports commentator Tracy Wolfson said whether on camera or behind the scenes, their crews are one big team that mirrors what you see on the basketball court.

She said CBS productions are a product of teamwork, comradery, hard work, and pushing the envelope to stand out.

Between on-camera talent, graphics, audio, tech crews, and camera operators, Wolfson said all hands are on deck to make sure they are ready for tip off to bring all of the action into your homes.

Following Sunday’s selection show, Wolfson said there is very limited time with so much work and research to be done for the broadcasts starting today.

“Right away they have to go to work, building everything, doing all the research, making sure we have the right video and the right graphics,” said Wolfson. “They’re doing that all hours of the night being prepared. And then we get a Thursday start date which is a day kind of maybe even earlier, you get there that first day and its constant work.”

Wolfson said flexibility and perseverance is key as well. Things change and there will be issues to overcome, but teamwork makes the dream work.