BIRMINGHAM, Ala.(WIAT)– Auburn quarterback Bo Nix and Alabama quarterback Mac Jones were in attendance for the annual Monday Morning Quarterback Club banquet.

Both quarterbacks reflect on the season and are looking forward to the future and getting ready for next season.

Nix says, “I have had some time to step back and think about all the things that work as a team this year the iron bowl is huge just looking forward to continue to grow and develop and make sure were even better next year.”

Jones says, “I think it was a good start got to respect my teammates it made it a lot easier that’s all in the past are looking forward to moving forward and me taking over the team.”

New comer Roydell Williams was there with Mac Jones for Alabama, as he won back of the year for high school. Zacoby McClain was with Bo Nix at Auburn, he returned a 100 yard interception for touchdown in the Iron Bowl.