(WIAT) — Six months after his death, Bart Starr remains a major influence on his family.

“I always feel like he’s here,” said Starr’s granddaughter Shannon Lambert. “I feel his presence every single day.”

If you step into the Starr household, you’ll feel it.

“I know it’s a cliché to say him being there in spirit,” said Starr’s son Bart Starr Jr. “We think about him so frequently.”

Holidays and family get-togethers have never changed. They’re going on four generations, all of the molded by the same man.

Every Sunday is a reunion for the family, all of them die-hard Green Bay Packers fans.

“We all have to be together every single Sunday,” said Lambert. “It’s tradition we’re going to keep doing it.”

“There are a lot of ways we want to continue his legacy,” said Starr Jr. “This would be one of them.”

“Even though we left Green Bay years ago, we still are huge supporters,” said Starr’s wife Cherry. “We never have missed a game in 30 years.”

For 68 years, Bart and Cherry spent every football weekend together. Now he lives on through others.

“Going to have a little tension, a little exhilaration, a little depression, a little thrill,” said Starr Jr. “That puts Mom right in here element for a 69th year.”

So if you think about it, he’s not really gone. He’s just cheering from a different seat.

“I talk to him during the game,” said Cherry Starr. “In my heart, I’m talking to him.”