Former Alabama standouts wear their passion on their feet


(WIAT) — The Crimson Tide is infamous for producing players that go straight to the NFL. There are plenty of Bama greats playing in the NFL this weekend and across the league, they stood for causes that they were passionate about.

Players had the opportunity to wear customized cleats to represent a cause and some former Crimson Tide standouts wore their hearts on their feet. 

Jerry Jeudy, a former Alabama receiver and current Denver Broncos rookie, represented a cause that hit home. Jeudy’s sister passed away when she was 7 years old of Trisomy 18 which is a genetic disorder that is caused by the existence of two extra 18th chromosomes. It’s also known as Edward’s Syndrome. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for the disease and it can be fatal. 

Jeudy’s cleats featured a pattern with the Trisomy 18 foundation on one foot and a beautiful mural of his late sister on the other. 

The Trisomy 18 Foundation’s mission is to “encourage the search for treatments and preventions of Trisomy 18, to educate and support medical professionals, and to create a caring community that embraces all families impacted by the Trisomy 18 diagnosis of a much-wanted child.”

Jalen Hurts made his first professional career touchdown on Sunday while he was rocking blue and yellow cleats supporting Alex’s Lemonade Stand; a foundation supporting research for pediatric cancer. 

A former Tide center, Ross Pierschbacher, plays for the Washington Football Team and showed his support on his feet to the American Diabetes Association in honor of his father who has Type 1 diabetes. 

Former Heisman winner and Alabama running back, Mark Ingram, also got the idea for his cleats and his foundation from his father. When Ingram was a child, his father was incarcerated for a number of years which led him to start the Mark Ingram Foundation when he made it to the league. His cleats highlighted his foundation’s goal to “enrich and contribute to the well-being of at-risk youth and families affected by incarceration through social development, goal setting and strengthening of character through sports.”

Vikings and former Crimson Tide tight end, Irv Smith Jr., honored his grandfather who passed away from a long battle with lung cancer earlier this spring. His cleats featured the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer. 

More players who formerly played with the Tide and plenty of players across the league showcased their passions and pursuits this weekend wearing it all on their feet. They used what gives them a platform to create a new platform for those in need.


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