AUBURN, Ala. – Auburn fans will have to hold off on a University tradition for another year.

University officials said Tuesday that while the new oaks, planted in Toomer’s Corner in 2017, have made significant growth progress, they want to make sure the trees are fully established before allowing fans to roll the oaks once again.

The original oaks, planted in 1937 and 1939, were removed in April 2013 after Harvey Updyke poisoned them.

The current oaks are the second attempt at reviving the longstanding tradition; the University said one of the two trees planted in 2015 was lit on fire after rolling resumed later that year. Both trees were damaged and later removed.

In place of rolling the oak trees, the University is asking fans to roll two large southern magnolia trees and a white oak in front of Biggin Hall, steps away from Toomer’s Corner.

The University also encourages fans to wear masks during the gameday celebrations to help combat the spread of COVID-19.