AUBURN, Ala. (WIAT) — Over in Auburn, emotions are high after a top-10 win last Saturday over the Washington Huskies. They have another tough matchup coming up next weekend, facing off against the LSU Tigers at home.

The big game will be aired on CBS 42 at 2:30 p.m. CT.

The game against Washington was a milestone for the Tigers–they had not won a game away from home against a ranked team in nine tries.

The Tigers only moved up two spots to no. 7 in the AP Top-25 Poll after the win against the formerly no. 6 ranked Huskies.

“I’m not really that surprised. It was an incredible win for Auburn, but I do still have some questions moving forward for what this Auburn football team is,” CBS 42 College Football analyst Mike Johnson said. “I was not that impressed with the run game, with the offensive line under new offensive line coach J.B. Grimes.”

As for QB Jarrett Stidham, “I think he hit some stumbling blocks,” Johnson said. “I still have some questions about what this offense is going to be.”

There was a lot to learn from week one for the Auburn Tigers. Penalties were a big issue, even on the defensive side of the ball. They want to see a lot of improvements today in the home season opener against the Alabama State Hornets.

“Usually the better teams, they find a way to improve from game one to game two more than any time in the season. so that’s our message and that’s what we’re preaching and looking forward to it,” Auburn Tigers head coach Gus Malzahn said in his weekly press conference.

Auburn defensive coordinator Kevin Steele weighed in: “The tale of the whole game as far as the defense was three things–us in the red zone and creating extending drives with penalties and we had a few miscues on playing the deeper ball–they didn’t knock the top off the defense. I will say this, there’s a reason they call Browning the most accurate returning quarterback in college football–he threw an impressive ball.”

With week two not a challenging game, it’s the perfect time to get plenty of practice in on the Hornets before the LSU Tigers roll into Jordan Hare Stadium.