MIAMI, FL. (WIAT) — On Christmas Day, Miguel Rodriguez-Vine gave his grandmother, Linda Vine, the surprise of a lifetime: all inclusive, luxury box tickets to the 2018 Capital One Orange Bowl.

Miguel recorded the heartwarming moment, and the video has since been circulating on social media.

The two are exceptionally close, and have bonded over their love for Alabama football. When Miguel learned that the Crimson Tide would be playing in Miami, he knew he had to pull the trigger.

“After that amazing win over Georgia I knew that they were going to get into a bowl,” explains Miguel. “And then I was following on social media that they’re coming to Miami for the Orange Bowl, and I’m like it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Miguel lives just a short distance from Hard Rock Stadium, the site of the 2018 Capital One Orange Bowl. But Linda lives in Daleville, Alabama. She’s rooted for the Crimson Tide her whole life, and is excited to be able to see them in person.

“It was a little hard to believe at first. Because it’s an exciting thing for me,” explains Linda. “I’ve been watching them for years and now I get an opportunity to see them in person. It just made my heart go pitter patter, that’s all. I’m still crying about it, it’s awesome.”

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