BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Greg Byrne, the University of Alabama director of athletics, took questions Wednesday for the first time following the firing of baseball head coach Brad Bohannon.

Bohannon, who was hired as the Crimson Tide’s baseball coach in 2017, was fired Thursday, according to UA.

“I was in Florida for SEC meetings and found out about the ESPN article when everybody else did. Then we began to look into immediately right after that,” Byrne. “Well, it’s an ongoing investigation, obviously anytime you have any challenges, you get the information that you can, you deal with it in the most appropriate way that you can with the information that you have at the time. The kids have been really good. Yesterday we had a staff meeting we usually do a couple of those a year. We had an extra one.

“What we talked about and actually coach Saban and I were talking — coach and I talk regularly about different issues within Alabama athletics or challenges. We talk about different issues and challenges within college sports. And he addressed the staff, I addressed the staff. … We don’t have any information that shows that anything with any of our student-athletes are involved.”