A simple gift from Kerry Goode to Nolan Turner means the world


Many sports fans in the state of Alabama are aware of the the bond Kerry Goode had with the late Kevin Turner, two former Alabama players diagnosed with ALS.

“Before I was diagnosed with ALS I was helping Kevin with his foundation,” Goode said. “Little did I know I was fighting for my own life by helping him.”

Kevin passed away from ALS in 2016. His son, Nolan, plays for Dabo Swinney at Clemson. Goode knew Nolan was missing some special from his dad’s playing days.

During an ALS charity event last month, Goode was suppose to auction off some old cleats of Kevin Turner’s. But then he had another idea.

“I was thinking about my own kids and the things I have set aside for them and I think Nolan would appreciate these more than any other fan would,” Goode said.

“I just think its so cool Kerry can do that for someone,” Nolan Turner said. “He’s fighting with ALS and thinking of someone else.”

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