Protecting your home while your family is on vacation

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NORTHPORT, Ala. (WIAT) — The summer months are here and that means many families across Alabama will be visiting vacation spots to get away from home.  But unfortunately, while many are having fun at the beach, criminals try to take advantage by breaking into homes.

Northport resident Christy Bobo doesn’t take chances when she leaves town for vacation. When she hits the road, she makes sure her home is secure. She installed a high tech video security system after burglars broke into her home.

“My house was broken into in 2012, and then last year the same time I had some things stolen from the porch of my home,” Bobo said. “And that has contributed to enhancing the security at my house and measurements we’ve taken like putting up cameras.  So when I am on vacation I know my home is safe.”

Christy has six cameras outside and four inside her house, some of which are hidden. Whenever someone is on her property, her system will send alerts to her cell phone and she can see who it is on her phone. The added security gives her peace of mind.

“It gets annoying getting all those notifications on my phone when someone has tripped one of the
sensors,” Bobo said. “But it does make me feel better”.

Law enforcement officers say typically during the summer months in Tuscaloosa County, the number of home break-in cases rise.  Jack Kennedy, from the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, says there are things residents can do to safeguard their property.

“Keep all your windows and doors locked up. If you’re not home keep your blinds drawn. And keeping your lights on at night to make the appearance that someone is home is always a good idea,” Kennedy said.

Resident Christy Bobo says she also always gets friends to house sit for her while she is on vacation. That, plus all the video camera’s she says will make the difference.

“But I have since put them on exterior places around the house and on the fence so there isn’t
anywhere around the perimeter that’s not on a camera,” Bobo said.

Authorities at the Sheriff’s Office tell CBS 42 that installing home security is always a good idea. Just a few preventative measures can help save you and your family a lot of heartaches.

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