Pet camera business booming

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — The business of pet cameras is booming, and lots of people have jumped on the pet camera trend to find out what their pet is up to when they’re not home.  

There are several cameras out there that can help you keep an eye on your furry friend.  

It depends how much money you want to cough up and how much you really want to know.   

For people like Ashley O’Neal and Desiree Tucker, they like to keep an eye on their best friend.  

“I do have all eyes on Lady, but it’s been worth it for sure,” said Ashley O’Neal.   

Pet cameras these days can range from $20 to more than $300.  

Ashley went with on the cheaper side and got two Wyze cameras that let her speak to her cavalier named Lady. 

At first, she’s confused, and then I think she accepts the fact she doesn’t know where I am, but I know what she’s doing,” said O’Neal.  

Ashley controls everything through her phone.  

She can talk to Lady, she can move the camera, and she gets sensor notifications.  

“It brings us a lot of comfort especially when we’re gone. She’s here without us and it’s nice to be able to check in and make sure and not have to wonder did we leave some food on the counter that she’s gotten into,”said O’Neal.   

At Desiree Tucker’s house, she has the Furbo to keep an eye on her lab named Reed.  

“If he’s doing anything I can be like, ‘Reed’ and I’ll throw a treat as he stops. Now he’s a perfect little angel dog,” said Tucker.  

The Furbo lets you hit a button and it will release treats to your dog.  

“As soon as he hears the thing start, he just sits there and stares and waits for a treat to come out,” said Tucker.  

The Furbo is far more advanced. Every day, Desiree gets a time lapse video of the day, she gets notifications of barks or sensors, she can talk to Reed and the fun part, and throws a treat. 

“I had to switch him to a diet food because he gets so many treats during the day,” said Tucker.  

Desiree got lucky and got a deal on her Furbo because its original price tag is $200.  

Desiree said this has helped her when fostering rescues and training Reed.  

“I can put him in place through the camera and he’ll go to his place and then I throw a treat. It gets him to stop what he’s doing at that moment,” said Tucker.  

There’s no doubt, pet cameras are hot on the market. Of course, it’s for safety features but also to watch some funny moments while you’re gone. 

“She can’t get anything by us now,” said O’Neal.  

“Who doesn’t want to look their dog all day long?” asked Tucker.  

There are more cameras out there. One of the most expensive is $320, which lets you Facetime your pet, release treats and an oil sent, and you can track your dog’s behavior throughout the day. 

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