‘Death Lights in the Tower’ at the Drish House in Tuscaloosa

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October 02 2021 06:00 pm

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Just off of Greensboro Avenue in Tuscaloosa sits the Drish House, a plantation home that was built in 1837.

Although it’s changed owners many times since the 19th century, people familiar with the home say the spirits of the original occupants still live inside.

“They do what they do and I do what I  do. I’ve never felt unwelcome, I’ve never felt threatened. I generally just leave them to it,” said Soapy Jones, who now works inside the house.

Built by Dr. John and Sarah Drish, the house has changed hands numerous times over the years. It has been a church, an auto parts store, a school and now an event space. 

John Drish died inside the house in 1867, falling down the stairs while drunk. His wife, Sarah, held a wake for him in the tower that still sits on the front of the house. One year later, Sarah jumped from the tour to her death. Her dying wish was that the same candles that burned at John’s wake be burned at her funeral. But, they were not. Many have said she still haunts the tower to this day.

“They didn’t burn those candles at her funeral. depending on who you asked, they either looked really hard for them, or not at all. either way, the candles weren’t burned at her funeral. and she has been unhappy ever sense,” Jones said. 

Jones says the Drish’s daughter can still sometimes be heard running down the stairs, just before the water in the ladies room is turned on. She has also heard a person walking in the upstairs bedroom, where John Drish once lived.

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