College life: Finding the perfect balance

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — In just a few weeks thousands of new freshmen students will be headed to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa to begin their journey in their college career.

Katilin Curd, from Florida, is one of those new students. This week she and her father are in Tuscaloosa touring the campus. Katlin is planning to join a sorority. She says she is ready but is focused on putting her studies first.

“Well for one you are paying for your school, so you might as well get out what you’re putting in. If you’re coming here to start a career then you want to be able to give your everything. You can still have fun and do the normal stuff normal students do. But there is a time and place when say studying for a chemistry test is more important then going out to the club that night”.

When incoming freshmen arrive at the University of Alabama they will have plenty of social venues to chose from. There are night clubs and bars on the strip near campus, and when they are not too busy studying or out on the town, Alabama Crimson Tide football games are always a fun experience at Bryant Denny stadium.

New student Caroline Grantham is also an incoming freshmen and nursing major. She too will join a sorority but is also serious about making good grades–despite the many social avenues available to students.

“You are here for school and I am here to study and be a nurse. So that should be the importance and it’s a lot of money. So you have to focus and study and just remember what you’re really here for”.

Experts say most college freshmen typically gain as much as fifteen pounds when they get to college. Katilin Curd wants to avoid what’s known as “freshmen 15” and plans to stay in shape.

“I will be hitting the gym. I am going to try to not spend lots of my student money on going out to eat. It’s really hard ’cause that’s what you do when you’re in a social group and everyone wants to go get food”.

UA professor Amy Trayler, who teaches social work, encourages students to stay active on campus to help juggle school work.

“Well I think the first thing to keep in mind for parents and students is it’s really overwhelming to be a freshmen here. I think balance is really key; it’s important to go out and join organizations and become a part of campus life. But keep in mind a big reason why you’re here is to get an education”.

Classes at the University of Alabama begin on August 21, early move-in for freshmen students is August 7.

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